Algemeen Pensioenfonds van Curaçao invests in a broad variety of products available in the local and the international financial markets. Our investment policy is based on the long term goal of the pension fund which entails matching of the pension liabilities at any time. APC hereby applies the prudent person rules and an  Environmental, Social and Governance policy it committed itself to. The investments are carried out in accordance with a well balanced and diversified strategic investment policy aimed to optimize return while mitigating risks in a controlled environment contributing positively to the local economy as well.

Throughout the years we propelled economic growth by financing and developing many projects on the island such as:

●   Hotels and resorts and parcel development projects in the  area of Jan Thiel, Brakkeput and Cas Abou.

●   Office buildings and other commercial real estate in prime locations such as the APC-Plaza.

●   From leisure constructions up to some of the largest and complex constructions on the island.

●   by financing government and related companies and others.

Our service and offers
Our service is backed by a professional and multi-disciplined investment team with broad expertise and solid understanding of the investment industry. This allows us to generate and share expertise with clients along the road. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors in the industry by catering our clients with customized and out-of-the-box financial solutions using the expertise we generated over more than 75-years of existence. Our main target is to mold a financial structure that creates the ultimate win-win situation to all parties involved.

We offer:

●   Variable or fixed interest

●   Grace period (interest only)

●   Linear, Annuity and Balloon Payment loans

●   Monthly, Quarterly or Semi-annually installments

●   Pre-payment arrangements

●   Tenor up to 25 years

●   Co- financing to obtain the best structure for the client.

●   Regular feedback and meetings with clients to monitor realization of his business plan.

●   Streamlined, simplified  and comprehensive legal structuring of the loan

●   Financing to a broad spectrum of industries

●   long lease rights on parcels for project development

We finance thru means of :

●   Sole Financing

●   Co-financing with other financial institution

●   Participation in Consortium loans

●   Mortgage Backed Loans

●   (Senior) Secured Loans

●   Mezzanine loans

●   Or Equity participation.


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